From 36 to 60 months of age children experience significant growth in four general areas of development:  social/emotional; physical; cognitive and language.  Based on The Creative Curriculum for Preschool developed by Teaching Strategies, Inc. of Washington, DC, Old Hill’s preschool program is designed to address all of these important developmental areas.  This is a primary reason why our program has a “whole child” focus.  Rather than limiting program time to developing only cognitive and language skills, for instance, equal time is spent with activities that foster social, emotional and physical development.

Our preschool curriculum incorporates a careful combination of activities throughout the day with a learn-through-play methodology.  Because children learn most effectively through hand-on activities in which they naturally develop important skills in context of their play, Old Hill’s preschool program provides ample time for children to follow their own interests using the abundance of learning materials available to them throughout our carefully designed classroom interest centers.  It is through the independent and cooperative use of these centers that children develop a tremendous number of early academic, social, self-help and fine motor skills.

Our preschool interest centers include:

 Block and Building Materials

Writing Center

Listening Center

Library, Quiet Area


Dramatic Play

Art Center

Computer Skills Center

Puzzles and Manipulatives

Sensory Table

Discovery Table

Because we understand the importance of KINDERGARTEN READINESS, our preschool teachers also take special care to help children develop the skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten.  As much as possible, the development of such skills is encouraged through creative use of reading, writing, counting, classroom responsibilities and appropriate social behavior throughout the choice time activities in which the children engage with each other every day.  In addition to the productive, child-directed use of choice time, however, our teachers use group or “circle” time  to assist in the development of attention and listening skills and to creatively encourage each child’s recognition of letters, numbers, sentence structure, one to one correspondence, and other fundamental academic skills.  Much of this is accomplished through read-alouds, story telling, songs, games, finger-plays, arts and crafts and other projects.

Wonderful SPECIAL PROGRAMS are also a part of each child’s preschool experience at Old Hill. In addition to weekly classroom science “projects”, at least once per month our children participate in a hands-on science program conducted on-site by a professional children's science educator. These programs are exciting and educational experiences in which our children learn about everything from earth science to physics.  Old Hill also offers a special monthly music “class” with live music, singing and dancing conducted by local music professionals.  In addition, off-site programs including those for private and semi-private swim lessons and gymnastics classes are available as desired.

Finally, Old Hill’s OUTDOOR CLASSROOM provides a unique and wonderful learning experience to the children who attend our programs.  Click on the Outdoor Classroom page for more information.