outdoor classroom...

To many of us, carefree outdoor play seems to be something lost in ancient history. At Old Hill, however, we strive to resurrect the joyful and healthy experiences of playing, relaxing and learning outside.

Old Hill's lovely, wooded property provides a wonderful fresh air environment for children to enjoy on a year-round basis. With three separate playgrounds and an area reserved for nature walks, our outdoor space is continuously transformed into a fresh air "classroom".

One to two times daily, as weather conditions allow, our children venture out to breath the air, run on the grass, climb and slide on our play equipment, ride tricycles on our "trike path", dig and build in the sandbox, and generally use their imaginations to enjoy the kind of outdoor play on which they thrive.

Nature experiences are also an important part of our program. From container gardening with herbs, vegetables and child-friendly flowers to bug collecting and viewing with magnifying glasses, our children and teachers ensure that our outdoor spaces are always "fertile grounds" for learning.

In the warm weather, outdoor time is maximized as much as possible. Especially during the summer, daily components such as circle time, story telling, craft work and snacks may be held outside. In addition, special weekly themes throughout the year may even include outdoor festivities such as treasure hunts, leaf activities and other exciting projects.