infants & toddlers...

During the first three years of life children are discovering many important things about themselves and the world around them - they are learning who they are, how they relate to the people in their lives and how people respond to them. During this time their brains are being "wired" into patterns for emotional, social, physical and cognitive development.1 Old Hill's infant and toddler programs are designed with these important understandings as building blocks.

By providing nurturing, responsive care, Old Hill's teachers ensure that children experience the positive interactions they need to develop a strong sense of autonomy and self-confidence. In addition, our programs effectively foster development of sensory, large and small motor, cognitive and language skills by providing a variety of stimuli and activities each day. Classroom experiences for children include listening to familiar, classical and international music, working with developmentally appropriate toys and materials such as blocks, nesting toys, pull and push toys, manipulatives, puzzles, and dolls. Gross motor development is encouraged using indoor soft climbing structures as well as playing outside on our lovely playgrounds. Most importantly, interactive experiences with teachers throughout the day include singing, talking, book readings, rocking, finger-plays, puppets and one on one communications, bonding and play.

When you visit Old Hill you will be able to discuss and observe the important primary components of our infant toddler programs which include:

Nurturing, Responsive Teacher-Child Interactions

Focus on Bonding and Relationships

Individualization of Care and Development Program

Safe, Healthy, Stimulating Environments

Encouragement of Child Autonomy and Active Involvement

Access to Variety of Activities and Materials

Self-Concept Development
Social Development
Emotional Development
Language Development
Gross Motor Skill Development
Fine Motor Skill Development
Sensory Development

Structured and Group Activities

1 Dombro, Amy, et. all., The Creative Curriculum for Infants & Toddlers, Teaching Strageties, Inc., Washington, DC, 1993.